Generation Y and Generation X, currently the two largest generations of homebuyers, are less interested in accumulating things – and storing them “just in case” – than their baby boomer counterparts. Today’s buyers hate clutter. They want their things to be accessible but out of sight in efficient storage spaces – not six deep boxes and hard to find in a dark attic.

A survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that storage space was one of the top two themes on new buyers’ wish lists – but they do not require more sheds and attics more great. When it comes to keeping clutter at bay, shoppers want storage spaces that offer an organized and accessible location for everything.

Here are some of the storage features most sought after by today’s buyers.


For families with children and pets, one of the largest collections of clutter and disorganization tends to start right at the front door. This is where backpacks, shoes, coats, sports equipment and muddy boots accumulate. A cloakroom is a preventative solution to all this mess – it provides a transition space between the outside and the inside of a home, as well as a place to store these items out of sight.

Home pantry

Home cooking is becoming more and more popular among the biggest generations of buyers. A survey conducted by Peapod and ORC International found that 72 percent cooked at home at least four nights a week last year, and more than 1/3 plan to cook more often this year. It makes sense that buyers are concerned about having a place to store their supplies. A walk-in pantry is a convenient way to store everything from small appliances to basic ingredients, cleaning equipment and recycling bins.


The difference between a cluttered house and a tidy house often comes back to closets. When houses lack storage space, guest houses can quickly become landfill sites for objects that have no designated location but that do not belong behind holiday decorations in a shed or in a shed. the deep recesses of the attic. Homebuyers are looking for storage space – especially closets in places that make sense, such as closets in bathrooms, closets in the master bedroom and a closet near the front door.

Storage in a garage

The NAHB survey found that the garage was among the most sought-after characteristics among buyers. Eighty-six per cent of homebuyers said it was highly desirable, while nearly one-third considered it an indispensable product. Some buyers are even looking for three-car garages – not for storing a third vehicle, but for additional storage space. The attraction of garage space on outdoor storage, such as sheds and outbuildings, is that garages are easier to access. Accessible and organized garage storage is very useful. shelving, cupboards and cupboards make it possible to store and find simple things.

utility room

An overwhelming majority (92%) of shoppers surveyed across all age groups said a laundry was a high priority item in the home. A laundry room is the most efficient place to store clean and dirty laundry, an ironing station and items that need to be dry-cleaned or dry-cleaned. A separate space for laundry – and all things related – keeps it out of people’s living spaces.

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