It often happens that a catering establishment that receives people is forced to move. There are many reasons for this. One of them is the need to have more space. Either way, moving a restaurant is a task that can be planned. Discover our expert advice to make a move of your restaurant without problems.

Clean the entire kitchen

Before starting restaurant moving activities, it is advisable to warn your customers that you intend to move the establishment. Explain to them that in this context you will have to close in order to start moving activities. This will save you from inconvenience.

The first activity to perform is that of cleaning kitchens. These are the main pieces that make a restaurant what it is. Therefore, everything they contain is precious.

Start by scrubbing kitchen utensils. Then arrange them according to their category so as not to deteriorate those who are fragile. As for glasses and other very fragile elements, pack them using bubble wrap. If you don’t have these bubble wraps, use old newspapers.

Do not leave too much space between objects arranged in storage boxes. Otherwise, the objects may collide and be damaged. Some might even break.

Empty refrigerators and freezers and defrost them

As part of a restaurant move, it is essential to empty freezers and refrigerators. Then it is necessary to defrost refrigerators and defrost freezers. These tasks must be carried out naturally.

Since it is necessary to keep the food at the right storage temperature, provide for this purpose, another freezer. The latter will serve as a container for food during the restaurant move to Montreal.

You may not have a backup freezer to transport food. In this case, plan the move on a date when your food supplies will be exhausted.

Store furniture and decorative elements

In addition to utensils, there are furniture and decorative objects that must be stored carefully. It is essential to shelter them carefully. As a result, you reduce the risk of them being damaged.

For the storage of bulky furniture, it is necessary to provide at least two people. The ideal is that these furniture are removable. If so, disassemble them carefully. To pack and protect the different pieces of this furniture, it is necessary to provide:

  • blankets;
  • stretch film;
  • adhesive tape;
  • plastic bags for screws, etc.

Some furniture will not be removable. To pack them, use the stretch film. It will protect them from nicks. When you want to buy adhesive tape for storing furniture, prefer the one that painters use. This will prevent you from having unpleasant surprises when unpacking.

As for decorative objects, they must be managed in the same way as furniture was. Care must be taken to package them with stretch film. Then store them in boxes. You can perform all these tasks yourself or delegate them to a company.

Use the services of a professional mover like Déménagement Pause Café

Once everything is packed and therefore ready to be transported, contact a professional mover for the rest of the process. This restaurant moving expert will have the following tasks:

  • loading of cartons and others;
  • transport of packages;
  • unloading of boxes on arrival;
  • storage of items in the new restaurant.

It is essential to know the whole moving process in advance. That’s why a professional must be involved.

The company, Déménagement Pause Café, specializes in all kinds of moves. She has been providing her services for several years throughout Montreal. It is positioned at all stages of a restaurant relocation process throughout Quebec.

We put at the service of restaurant owners, our storage equipment, but also our know-how in moving. We also propose to do the restaurant layout before the inauguration. For this purpose, we arrange the furniture and all your equipment creating a harmony with the floor plan.

Our company will set up in your new restaurant, a more comfortable and practical workspace than the previous one. And if you wish, we will give you ideas on how to arrange the elements on your counter for optimal use.

Remember that all interventions of Déménagement Pause Café are done on the basis of a quote validated by the customer. This quote is detailed, because we want to satisfy you in complete transparency.

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