For reliable and professional moving services!

Thinking of moving soon and you need professional and reliable moving services to take care of your goods? Our professionals at your disposal are at your disposal to make your residential or commercial moving project a success all along the line.

Des services de déménagement personnalisés

Pour répondre à l’ensemble de vos besoins, Déménagement Pause Café est en mesure de vous proposer des services complets et complémentaires tels que le nettoyage de votre bien immobilier, l’entreposage de votre mobilier, l’assemblage de vos biens ou encore un accompagnement personnalisé. Pour profiter des meilleures options mises à votre disposition, n’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec notre équipe de déménageurs à Saint-Sauveur!

Reliable and experienced movers

Expert moving in Saint-Sauveur, the company Pause Coffee Break has a solid expertise in the transportation of goods. With several years of experience in the field, Déménagement Pause Café guarantees services of the highest quality. In addition, all our movers hold a strong experience for a safe, thorough and professional transportation of all your heavy and fragile objects. You entrust your residential and commercial goods in good hands! We ensure optimal protection of your property thanks to appropriate equipment and unique know-how from our movers.

Moving Pause Café has the expertise and the manpower to transport goods of all kinds, including pianos, billiard tables, corporate offices, and heavy furniture in your home. All your goods are transported safely and quality at all times. To get an accurate estimate according to your needs for your move to Saint-Sauveur, you may request a quote from us for free!

A move with peace of mind


The move is a stressful step for all homeowners and tenants. To make this moment more pleasant, Déménagement Pause Café would like to reassure you on the quality of its services. In addition, we have a comprehensive insurance policy that we make available to you against breakage, damage and possible theft. You can rest assured to find all your belongings in their original state. Plus, our movers take care of your belongings and furniture throughout the move in Saint-Sauveur.

Want to plan your residential or commercial move in Saint-Sauveur? To do this, contact Déménagement Pause Café now by calling (514) 569-8849 and get a free quote!


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