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Moving Montreal Coffee Break


With several years of experience in moving in Montreal, we specialize in residential moving as well as commercial moving, assembly and transportation of furniture. Moving large furniture in the Montreal area is one of our specialties, billiards, pianos and many other personal belongings. We move to the Montreal area and much more, our expert movers take care of your belongings from point A to point B, your satisfaction is our primary objective. So take the time to enjoy an excellent coffee, Déménagement Montreal Pause Café takes care of your residential or commercial move.

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Is it possible to have a team of reliable, courteous and professional movers at an affordable price in Montreal and the surrounding area?

Of course!

A small or large business requires much more organization than a residential move.
Our movers are all experienced professionals. You can therefore entrust us with the removal of your assets with confidence.
Need a moving company?
Residential and commercial move to Montreal

Moving coffee break your ally to move to Montreal

Experience and many years moving services in the Montreal and Greater Montreal area, allows us today to position ourselves as one of the best moving companies in Montreal. Our expertise and our agents are committed to accompanying you in this ordeal that this can represent for you.


In Montreal, moves are made every season. Moving companies are always asked by individuals who want to offer themselves more comfort and business leaders looking for a better space to better coordinate their activities. Either way, if you want to perform a moving and due form, you have an interest in entrusting yourself to a specialized company. You will find a multitude of them in the city of Montreal and its surroundings, but you would really have to be rigorous about the selection of the company not to live a unpleasant experience. Indeed, in the lot of movers, a good number offer services that leave something to be desired combined with very high prices. Because we recognize that you deserve the best, our company works in such a way as to offer its customers the most coveted privileges on the market.


Our company has a team composed of professionals highly qualified in moving. Whether you are in the heart of Montreal or in the surrounding areas, especially Laval, South Shore or North Shore, we master these environments perfectly. This allows us to intervene promptly once you entrust us with your move plan. Most clients who have already experienced our services have come to the conclusion that we are a reference in moving to Montreal, so much they have been seduced by the Reliability of our services. Our notoriety has settled smallly in the city thanks to the quality of the equipment that we deploy on the ground with each intervention. Indeed, we have modern, recent equipment, operational and adapted to each type of intervention. The move now appears as a simple formality for our staff, as it is very experienced. So trust us to make your move a perfect success.


We place a point of honor on the satisfaction of our customers. Whenever we are solicited, whether it is a company or individual, we favor dialogue to reassure our customers of the credibility of our services. During the interview, we take note of the customer’s needs to offer him a adapted service to his needs. In addition, to avoid conflicts, we have a all-risk insurance in case unforeseen events occur during the transport of your belongings. This provision covers you against the risk of loss, theft or breakage of objects.


Our moving company emphasizes its operation on quality, reliability and expertise, but that doesn’t mean we offer our customers exorbitant prices. On the contrary, if you want to get a cheap move, we are the ideal partner. In short, our move is based on performance and competitiveness. This makes us number 1 when it comes to mentioning a company that offers a best value for money in the field of moving to Montreal.


Since the creation of our company, we have been offering the population of Montreal a wide range of services suitable for any type of client, whether individual or professional. Your satisfaction elevates us every day to a little more among the most popular movers in Canada. For this, we put professionalism during each move we make for people who call on our expertise.


Organizing and making a residential move has never been a breeze. Even if it is the type of move on more registered in the Montreal area, people experience the same difficulties whenever it is necessary to store things, find the right packaging, choose the right mover and carry out an economically conclusive operation. No matter how many times you have already undertaken a change of home in your life, you will never be able to avoid stress and anxiety during the process. To protect you from this heavy load, we offer our service. Specialized in residential moving, our company ensures good coordination through the planning, organizing, packing and transporting your items with a flexibility you won’t find anywhere else.


Do you own a commercial business based in Montreal? You want to change premises to better conduct your business and attract a large mass of prospects, but you have trouble finding a good mover to transport your products and materials. Before choosing a provider, think about their reputation, the security of your belongings and your budget. In any case, if you are looking for the best outcome for your relocation, call on our company. Commercial moving is also one of our specialties, and we ensure it with excellence and flexibility.


If you own a piano, you know it better than we do, it is a product as heavy as it is fragile.. This makes it particularly difficult to transport. But this inconvenience should not in any way dampen your desire to move it. Just contact our company (also specialized in piano transport) and we will carry out the operation in all security and tranquility. Moving pool tables is just as demanding an act as the piano. We put the same expertise into it.


Some furniture needs to be dismantled before being transported. As a result, we have extended our interventions to the field of furniture assembly. If necessary, our team will take your furniture apart and assemble it after transporting it to your destination.

moving in MONTREAL – for all budgets!

C’est la saison des déménagements, et quoi de mieux qu’une entreprise spécialisée dans ce domaine pour vous aider lors du jour « D »?
We offer a complete service to all our customers, commercial or residential, according to their needs.
Such a precious and fragile object. To move it, you don’t want your beautiful instrument to end up in inexperienced hands.
We are able to make a safe pool table move.

Reliable and cheap movers!

There’s nothing more stressful than planning a move: have I thought about everything? Will the movers be on time? Do I have enough boxes to carry all my belongings? Will my preparation be over for the big day? Will everything be in order when it arrives?

So it seems important to trust a reliable moving company to make everything go smoothly.


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