A real asset of relaxation and entertainment, the swimming pool is an element that ensures the well-being of the inhabitants of a house. When you have set up a self-supporting basin in your home and are moving, you have the option to transport it to your new home. With all the stress that comes with moving, it’s important to find experts who can move your pool optimally. Déménagement Pause-Café, your agency specializing in residential moving offers you the best services in this context. With experienced professionals, we carry out for you the best move possible. Discover the steps to move your pool.

Empty the pool pool

The first phase for moving your pond is to remove all the water in it. This first step helps to avoid flooding of the house or surrounding land. This is why it is crucial not to do it alone and to call on professionals. Beforehand, we will have to take information about your sewerage channel to check if it is not collective.

In Canada, the law prohibits the evacuation of pool water to ducts without a communal authorization. Once the agreement of the municipality is granted, you must stop treating the device with chlorine 02 weeks before the operation. This formality makes it possible to protect nature against pollution. The evacuation system is made in such a way that one end of the spillway is connected to the basin and the other to the sewer. The evacuation mission lasts only about 1 hour of time.

Undoing the structure of the basin

After emptying the pool, the next phase is to undo the structure of the pool. At this point, each element of the basin is detached. The team in charge of the work can use the assembly instructions if necessary to go fast. This facilitates the dismantling work. In reality, tubular pools are usually sold with kits consisting of different accessories (liner, bubble cover, wall, access ladder, etc.). All these items will be sent to the new destination in a methodical and professional manner.

Move the basin in a suitable vehicle

This step is also crucial in the pool moving process. Moreover, several constraints are related to the transport of the basin. Not only do you have to find a suitable truck with your driver, but it is also essential to set up the pool in the new residence. As soon as the vehicle has to move the found material, the structure of the pool will be properly hung so as to avoid problems related to shaking during the journey.

Note that it is important to include, in your quote, any other element to be transported with the pool on the day of the operation. This allows you to avoid overweight at the time of moving. The choice of truck depends on the size of all the elements to be moved. In addition, an advance request from the mover is recommended to have the professional on the desired date.

Replace the dismantled pool in its new frame

After transporting the pool, you gradually move towards the end of the pool moving operation. In fact, during this phase, we put the disassembled parts back in place and reform your device in the new home. At this level, what is interesting with us is that we consider the shape of your new space as well as its area for fixing the basin. This allows us to ensure a stable layout.

This measure is important because it avoids water flows and also promotes a good life of the accessory. You can therefore make a case of the particularities of your new site in the quote. We will therefore be prepared even before the start of the work, which facilitates the operation. We will still need the assembly instructions at this level in order to make a good service.

Trust Déménagement Pause-café for a successful pool move

Déménagement Pause-Café has been located in Montreal for several years and specializes in residential and commercial moving as well as the assembly and transportation of furniture. Whether your accessories to be transported are heavy or not, we carry out a quality move. Staffed by competent and experienced experts, we achieve feats in pool moving. To carry out the transport of your self-supporting basin, we are the right entity. We are committed to providing a quality service, because we correctly master all the steps. Our professionals are also able to give you all kinds of advice for a perfect move. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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