Your soils may be damaged when you move. We asked our moving experts for their advice on how to protect your soil during a move.
The following suggestions are suitable for all types of flooring.

Wrap furniture with protective blankets

Wrap all furniture with protective blankets or bubble wrap. This will help protect your floors and walls when moving furniture.


We suggest you measure your furniture and doors before moving. This will help you avoid mistakes and damage to the ground by knowing how everything will go in your new home.

Use old carpets, heavy mats and blankets

One of the ideal ways to protect your floors when you move is to use old carpets, heavy mats, blankets and towels. Be sure to use items that you can throw away afterwards, as they will get dirty regardless of the season.

Disposable slippers

Another great way to protect the flooring when you move is to use disposable slippers. They will help minimize dirt and dust in your home. The best part is that everyone will be able to keep their shoes on.

Use rubber wheels

Carts with rubber wheels are a great way to move heavier objects safely. Make sure the trolley has soft rubber wheels before renting, borrowing or buying. This will help preserve your soils from serious damage.

Floor sliders

You can get floor sliders at your favorite hardware store. Floor sliders go on your feet or stick to the bottom of your furniture. You can slide heavy furniture on smooth surfaces by damaging your floor.

Moving Coffee Break will keep your floors from damage. The best way to protect your floors during a move is to work with a proven professional moving company. Our movers have all been trained on the best way to move furniture safely.

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