Whether a few blocks away or across the country, moving to a new location with an unfamiliar environment can be nerve-wracking. Many adults may feel this feeling of discomfort as they prepare to move and consider how to settle down. Now imagine that feeling from a child’s point of view. Regardless of your child’s age, moving can be difficult for your child. Consider the suggestions below to help them adjust to the idea and breathe easier.

Give them time – Getting your kids moving, even if your new destination is only minutes away, can create overwhelming feelings. Take the time you need to find a gentle way to announce the news, but try to give as much notice as possible so that they have enough time to process the change before it happens. Be sure to answer questions and answer any concerns they may have.

Introduce the movers –

When the movers arrive on D-Day, take a moment to introduce them to your children. This will build trust and reassure them that their most valuable assets are in good hands.

Get to know your new neighbours – Depending on how long you stay in your old home, you and your family may have formed relationships with your neighbours. Make an effort to do it in your new home if possible, by showing your kids that a new home means new connections!

Encourage them to discover their new room – make sure your child is involved in unpacking their belongings and let them be creative in the way they set up their rooms and playgrounds – with your help, of course.

Stay in touch with your former neighbours and friends –

When you move into your new home, take time to help your child write a letter to a friend or former neighbour about their new home. Better yet, ask grandparents, aunts, uncles or family friends to send a letter to your child. Everyone loves happy mail, and it will brighten up the day to receive something at its new address.

Explore – Take a break from unpacking and take a bike ride or walk with the kids in your new neighborhood. Or, if the weather is nice, prepare a simple picnic and find a park nearby to enjoy it. It is important to take a break from the chaos to relax and spend time together.

Reuse your boxes –

Once you’ve unpacked, use some of the boxes to create box costumes! Kids will love getting creative.

Be enthusiastic – The more positive you stay throughout the moving experience, the more confident your children will feel about change. Show them that you are ready for this new adventure, and so will they be!

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