Living in a shared apartment or alone is a generally difficult choice to make when you want to move. Whether it’s life with friends or living alone, each option has its pros and cons.

For this purpose, we offer you in this opus the tips on the different parameters that can help you choose between living alone or in a roommate.

The benefits of moving in alone

Moving in alone offers you several advantages. From the features of the apartment for rent to the layout of the furniture to the tranquility in the accommodation, you have everything under your sole control. In other words, everything takes place according to your tastes.

Freedom of choice

When you live alone, you can indeed make the decoration and storage according to your inspiration without having to make a compromise with a colocataire. You are free from any constraints regarding your living space. By way of illustration, when you live alone, you can get up in the morning and walk naked to the room without worrying about prying eyes. The luxury of strutting around naked alone in your room is a rare occasion and a pleasure worth living.

Master of your personal space

Life with friends usually involves the coordination of schedules so that it suits all the cohabitants. For example, you can listen to music at the time that sings when you live solo. Whereas if you live with friends, when one rests you are forced not to make noise.

Also, you will not have traffic jams in the bathroom, you can return late, etc. As for the storage of accessories, you are solely responsible for the appearance of each compartment of the dwelling.

Far from the tangles of roommates

Each human being has his own particularity and habits. Therefore, it is possible that the habit of your roommate displeases us thus causing a tense atmosphere. This can result from the lifestyle or choices the roommate makes. This is usually one of the main reasons to set your sights on a solo life in your home. This saves us from conflict at home. Living alone gives us flexibility in all your choices that we cannot have by living with friends.

We invite you to discover now the advantages of leading a life with friends.

The benefits of moving with friends

Just like moving alone, moving with friends also offers us advantages. This is indeed a very popular option for students, as they face several burdens as soon as they leave the family cocoon.

The strength of numbers

Based on the case of students, it must be recognized that living alone for the first time can be difficult. Although living alone allows us to do what we want when we want, but it is clear that at the end of the day loneliness catches up with us. Therefore, sharing the accommodation with roommates offers us relaxing moments that allow us to pass the time and overcome boredom. It also makes it possible to have food, to have support during difficult times.

Also, it can be organized apartment parties that offers privileged moments and pleasures surrounded by these roommates.

Task sharing

Whether it’s student roommates or simple friends, it’s clear that one person can’t take care of everything in the accommodation. To save time and lighten the burden on all occupants, housework can be divided between friends. For example, the student has limited free time. It would be exhausting to start tidying up and cleaning the room.

This is the reason why life with friends is beneficial, because everyone will have their task. When the efforts in the accomplishment of the tasks are shared, it lightens the task to each of the roommates.

The financial point

If there is only one advantage to living in a shared apartment,it will surely be the financial burden. Indeed, from the moment the apartment is shared between several people, the rent, the water and electricity bill will also be. It would have been a person, these expenses will come back dear to him. In addition to these cases, it can also be divided between roommates, the costs of incidental purchases for the apartment: furniture, kitchen equipment, etc.

Moving with friends,allows you to make some savings, but also to have support in dark times.

What to choose in the end?

The choice usually varies from one individual to another. However, it must be recognized that living alone offers us carte blanche on all levels with regard to the apartment once the lease contract is signed. If you are a person who loves that everything is to your liking in every detail, we recommend that you live alone.

On the other hand, if you are rather a lover of new knowledge, community life and everything that goes with it, we advise you to move with friends. In any case, when it comes time to make the move, you need a company that knows how to do it. Remember to choose us, because we know how to proceed in each type of move.

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