Moving out should not be a nightmare. Here are 30 things you can do to relieve pain.

1. Be as organized as possible. Solve as many unknowns as you can.
2. Assign specific tasks to your friends. Move the supervisor, parking, refreshments, etc.
3. Make a floor plan of your new apartment: Put one on the wall of the new place and give a copy to everyone.
4. Plan your move room by room. Fill the truck in the easiest order to empty and place.
5. Label each room on the floor plan and in the new apartment – Label all furniture and boxes per room and use a directory in the apartment.
6. Boxes and bags should not be too heavy.
7. Find boxes on the recycling day / dry goods stores / people just moved out or buy them.
8. Send someone in advance to check the parking and the progress of the other tenant.
9. Have at least two cell phones for contacts, updates, emergencies, food orders, etc. Set up a communication network for any problem or last-minute coordination.
10. Use boxes of the same size. Use orange, not green, bags for the move so you do not confuse them with garbage.
11. Label everything with markers – what are the contents and the room they enter. Use large labels if you decide to use green bags.
12. Have double sets of moving tools. Multi-head screwdrivers, pliers, tape guns, etc.
13. Do not label valuables. Do not leave them alone. Cover the original boxes.
14. Move your valuables the night before or store them at a friend’s or family’s place.
15. Use your car trunk as a lock box. Cover things in the back seat. Do not go alone.
16. Make sure the phone, electricity (final reading), cable, etc. are canceled at your old location and your mail has been redirected.
17. Clean your apartment and take pictures. Check the damage done by you and repair it.
18. Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked during and after movement.
19. Get extra sunscreen, light bulbs, cleaning products, water and toilet paper. Have a ladder available.
20. Your local dollar store has gloves, small tools, duct tape, rags, etc.
21. Movement areas must always be clear. Check for stairs, ramps, etc., in bulk. Repair and secure.
22. Measure all doors, corridors, corners, width of ramp, etc. Measure your furniture.
23. Use the lane, back stairs, balcony doors and windows as additional access and exits.
24. Invite your previous owner to the final inspection. Return the keys to the owner or new tenant. Get a receipt.
25. Have quick drying plaster / paint tools available for damage during movement (see # 17).
26. The locks must be changed by the owner very soon after the move, or you can add yours.
27. Have lots of fluids during the move. Light food, with protein to support energy.
28. Alcohol after only. This will slow down your movement. Move now. Fun later.
29. After and during the move, it’s the perfect time for thieves to hit your apartment and vehicles. Stay close.
30. Party! Party! Party! Your friends are always your friends. At least most of them.