Are you planning a business move? Office relocations can be tricky, especially if you have a number of employees to manage. Our professional movers are experts at office moves and business relocation. We’ve put together some tips that should help the moving process:


  • Get a floor plan for the new space. Many business moves occur because the business is growing and needs a bigger space. Since you’ll have much more space to work with, you won’t want to recreate the old office layout.
  • Decide who gets an office. If the number of private offices and cubicles are going to change, decide ahead of time who will be sitting where.
  • Plan the layout before the move. You might want to even sketch out a preliminary layout on a copy of the floor plan. Consider arranging department that frequently interact with each other in close proximity. That will help save time and increase productivity.
  • Take an inventory of all items to be moved. Each employee should be responsible for their own areas. You may want to assign an employee to each of the public spaces like the lunchroom, photocopy room, supply closet, etc. to make sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Get rid of any any items that have been sitting around unused, such as broken or out-of-date equipment. You don’t want to be cluttering up the new office with useless items.
  • Provide markers and labels so employees can clearly label all boxes with their name and location of their new office or desk.


These 6 tips should help you get started on your business move. If you have a plan and start early, your office relocation should be smooth sailing.

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