According to the RQRA, 18.4% of seniors over the age of 75 voluntarily decided in 2019 to enter a specialized residence. This very low proportion demonstrates the difficulty surrounding the taking of such a decision by the interested parties. Indeed, it involves emotional parameters that obscure reason. The fact is that at a certain age, the elder must be placed in residence for his own well-being. So, what are the signs that it’s time for a senior to move to a residence?

Loss of autonomy

Loss of autonomy is one of the main reasons why a senior should be placed in a specialized residence. This loss of autonomy is noticeable in several ways.

Lack of domestic cleanliness

Everyone knows that living in an unsanitary environment is not good for maintaining good health. So you have to take care of it or empower someone to do it. When you fail to ensure the cleanliness of your home on your own, you expose yourself to all kinds of diseases.

Since hiring a professional will be expensive, the alternative you have left is that of moving to a residence. Most of these senior establishments include room cleaning in their services. In addition, the government grants financial compensation for such benefits in retirement homes. In the end, it is cheaper for the beneficiaries.

Difficulty getting around

At a certain age, it becomes more and more difficult to drive. However, it is essential for everyone (including the elderly) to go to certain places such as the supermarket and pharmacy from time to time. When a senior begins to feel difficulty getting around either on foot or with a vehicle, it’s time for them to go to a retirement home.

Most of the residences that are currently being built are located near shops and socio-community infrastructure.
Déménagement Pause-Café
helps you move to the residence as close as possible to these services. Most of the residences in which we have already helped elderly people to settle down employ part-time health professionals to regularly follow the residents.

Difficulty eating

Some seniors feed themselves without any difficulty. In other seniors, this is not the case. The latter need support to feed themselves. If the senior begins to feel these difficulties, he must be placed in a retirement home. This is especially necessary when there is no one who could be empowered to accompany him in the satisfaction of this need.

There are many residences that make every effort to meet the vital needs of older people. When choosing the residence, ask the manager the various questions related to the difficulties of the senior.

Difficulty in ensuring personal hygiene

This joins the domestic cleanliness. Indeed, personal hygiene is a vital need. The senior who is physically or cognitively limited and who for this can not ensure personal hygiene must be helped. If there is no one to accompany him to satisfy this primary need, then he must consider a move to residence.

Most seniors’ residences offer à la carte care. A professional will be empowered to give partial toilets to the elder. The senior will then be able to carry out other tasks that he is able to do independently.

In case of incontinence

It is normal for the elder to experience incontinence problems. Most certified retirement homes understand this. As a result, they have included in their services assistance to ensure that the senior maintains his personal hygiene at all times. In addition, these are residences that have trained their staff for such a mission. These professionals are endowed with an extraordinary sense of discretion.

Difficulty getting dressed

Dressing is a vital need for humans. Unfortunately, it happens that the physically or cognitively limited elder is no longer able to dress on his own. If there is no one to assist her in this task, then now is the time to consider a senior move. Déménagement Pause-Café will provide you with the logistics if the residence is located in Montreal.

Moving to a residence for health reasons

In addition to the lack of autonomy, a health failure in the elder is a major reason to consider going to a retirement home. This is especially true when it is impossible to have a health professional at home from time to time for a health follow-up of the senior.

Some residences have full-time medical staff. Others are visited regularly by one or more health professionals. In any case, they provide residents with vital sanitary conditions. The newest residences even have an in-house clinic and pharmacy.

Moving to a residence to access fun and sports services

It is essential for seniors not to have a monotonous life. For this, several residences offer many offers of recreational and sports activities to their residents. In order for the senior to enjoy these activities, it is essential that he or she move into a retirement home. He will be able to access:

  • a swimming pool;
  • a card club;
  • choral activities;
  • a library;
  • a home theater;
  • organized recreational outings;
  • Etc.

These services are usually included in the monthly fee charged by the residence. Some retirement homes offer tailor-made fun services.

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