Since last year, the world and in particular Canada has been under an unprecedented health threat: the Covid-19. You are aware that to limit the spread of this virus, one of the measures to be taken is containment. However, this does not mean that all activities are impossible to perform. Just respect the actions that are necessary to preserve your health and that of others. For example, when you have an essential move to make, you need to take the appropriate barrier gestures. From then on, discover here 5 tips to facilitate his move in the middle of the pandemic.

1st tip: a good preparation

Whether there is a coronavirus attack or not, you are aware that making some move is not an easy task. You need several weeks to prepare. And such preparations are felt especially at this time of health crisis. To do this, the preparation is performed on several levels.

First, if you want to do the packaging yourself, you will need the cartons. However, it is not clear that warehouses, stores open their doors during containment or do not have supplies in stock. Which makes things a little complicated.

On the other hand, proper preparation also means that state approvals must be required. In fact, in this time of global health crisis, only moving to a main home is authority. You must have a certificate indicating the reason for the trip.

And if you need a Boucherville movingcompany, it may not be available when you need it. Under these conditions, it is best to start planning early. So you’ll have time to find the right mover.

What’s more, whether it’s a residential or commercialmove, bids must be made online. In other words, provide all the useful information, by phone or email, to the professional mover. This will allow it to take precautions to minimize the risk of contamination of the virus. In return, you’ll know how much a move costs on average. In other words, you have an idea of the average price of a move.

2nd tip: pack your own items or entrust the packaging to the moving company

Also, during this particular moment of Covid-19, it is impossible to call on friends or family to help make your conditioning. Indeed, you know that you have to limit contact with others as best you can. As a result, try to pack it yourself. Make sure the packaging is done properly to protect your fragile items.

But, if you can’t pack alone, the best solution is to resort to a company of better Montreal movers. First, it offers you a perfect and meticulous conditioning service for total protection of your belongings during the journey. After that, you get the best moving boxes in various dimensions for all kinds of effects: clothes, mirrors, crockery, etc. And when it comes to packing special items such as artwork, porcelain, etc., you are guaranteed that the team will be able to provide you with the best containers.

On the other hand, in households in Montreal, Brossard, Boucherville or on the South Shore of Montreal, there are removable furniture. And it’s not easy that you have the expertise to take them apart and collect them carefully and then mount them properly. On the other hand, movers have this know-how to technically undo any garden, bedroom, etc. furniture. For example, it can separate all the parts of a table in a matter of minutes to make it easy to transport.

3rd tip: ensure strict adherence to health precautions

Since the sanitary measures are in place, it is necessary to make things easier for the Montreal movingteam. In other words, agents avoid the back-and-forth of agents as much as possible by lining up boxes and furniture near the door. If it is necessary to go back and forth, professionals know how to put health measures into practice for the protection of all. In all respects, actions to be taken include:

  • Wearing the mask
  • Social distancing of at least 2 metres
  • The use of a single-use handkerchief
  • The use of disinfectant

In addition, the company has the expertise and even the work equipment that can keep your belongings healthy. For example, before it starts by storing items, it properly disinfects vehicles with appropriate products.

4th tip: stay alert during the day of the move

D-Day is finally here! Even if you have already taken your health precautions, it is still crucial not to let your guard down. By the way, you are called upon to protect yourself properly by wearing your mask properly. Your family must wear it, too. You can opt for visor masks.

In addition, it is advisable to have disinfectant products, i.e. hydroalcoholic substances, on hand, not to mention wipes. You shouldn’t miss paper towels either. For example, the Brossard or Montreal Quebec moving company always travels with all these health safety devices.

In addition, when certain people have come to help you, the physical distance must be topical. Do not accept people who have any symptoms of the virus. When your paths intersect in the corridors and in the rooms, this physical distance must be respected for the safety of all.

5th tip: clean your new home

Finally, before you integrate your new home, a complete cleaning is not too much. By the way, such care is fundamental to rid the virus of the premises if it is present. You know that science has shown that contamination with this new Coronavirus can be done through infected surfaces. So just do your cleaning using your usual cleaning products.

Moreover, the risk of infection is high when the previous occupant of the premises developed symptoms related to Covid-19. Moreover, the danger is too much when the latter has just left the house. In these circumstances, special emphasis should be placed on the maintenance of the parts.