The move is often a source of anxiety and long reflection. And yet, when you do it right, you can do it with peace of mind when you are professional. To do this, there are essential steps not to be missed, appropriate behaviors to adopt and many other things to take into account.

Here are 7 essential things you should definitely know to make a professional move.

1 – The moving schedule

The moving schedule! This is a determining factor in any moving project. Indeed, to avoid stress, last minute anxieties of the day of travel, you must have made a schedule. The ideal is to plan the entire process of changing locations over at least two months. This timetable must a priori be transmitted to a professional company in this matter.

In addition, if you are an employer, you must make all your staff aware of the agenda. At the same time, if you are an employee, you must notify your employer about this schedule in order to be able to take adequate leave.

2 – The search and choice of new premises

Moving means leaving an old room for a new one. So, when you are decided to move to have a little more space or for some other reason, you have to choose the new destination.

First of all, you must inform your current owner if you are renting. At the same time, you will have to respect the notice period established in your lease agreement.

For the search for new apartments, be assisted by real estate professionals. This makes it easier for you.

In addition, offer the services of a legal advisor or lawyer for the clauses of the new purchase or lease agreement.

3 – The preparation and packaging of business

Moving is not easy if you do not do it properly. After confirming your new destination,you must start the large storage. Then it’s time to start by packing your belongings.

To pack your belongings for both a commercial move and a residential move, you will need the moving boxes. You can visit shops including grocery stores, SAQ which can offer you cartons for free. For thepackaging of fragile objects,opt for bubble wrap or newsprint. Use covers or large garbage bags for the packaging of your clothes especially on hanger.

Please start with the packaging of items that you will not need during the development process. Essential items such as kitchen utensils should be packed at the last moments.

4 – Labelling of moving boxes

One thing is to pack the objects, another is to be able to know the contents of each box without difficulty. So, after packing, you need to put a brand or label on each moving carton.

Labelling simply consists of entering on each box the qualifier of its contents. This also allows you to know what attention to pay for cartons containing fragile objects. Above all, labelling makes it easier to move into the new premises.

5 – The use of a moving professional

Carrying out the move on your own is not impossible. However, using a moving professional is ideal.

As soon as you establish your calendar, you can submit it to an expert company. Submit to more than two moving professionals. Choose from among the companies registered with the Commission des transports du Québec(CTQ)and affiliated with insurance. Preferably, follow the recommendation of your contacts for the choice of your future expert-mover.

Compare the companies on the quality of the service offered and the price in order to make the choice that suits you.

In Montreal,you can trust Déménagement Pause Café,a company specializing in all kinds of moving. The company is based in Montreal and can operate on both the North Shore and the South Shore.

6 – The administrative and related steps of change of address

When you decide to relocate, it is important that you can notify the administrative authorities and the appropriate person of your new contact details. Thus, for the commercial move,it is necessary to notify the change of address to:

  • Administrative and territorial authorities;
  • Partners;
  • Customers;
  • Employees…

As a moving company, you should also notify the news on your website if you have any.

For a residential move,please let the following people know your new address:

  • Your family members;
  • Relatives and friends;
  • Your employer;
  • Your insurer;
  • The post office…

7 – The last stagecoaches

Before, and even on D-Day of your change of location,you must do some diligence. These include:

  • Confirm your move with your expert mover;
  • Go around the rooms of your current residence to be sure not to forget anything;
  • Proceed to the cleaning of the old apartments that you are about to release;
  • Prepare a box containing the necessities of D-Day and the first day of moving in…

Indeed, it is respectful to leave your old room clean and in good condition for future occupants. Thus, you need to carry out the proper cleaning of the premises. To achieve this, call on companies specializing in cleaning.

On D-Day make sure everything is done before leaving the premises.

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