Moving is a more conducive time for the spread of bedbugs. You want to move, but you are a victim of a bed bug infestation and you are wondering how to do it? Rest assured, you can perfectly change housing while eradicating these insects. Then find out in this article how to avoid bed bugs in the middle of a move.

What to do when you are infested with bed bugs and want to move?

If you are a victim of a bed bug infestation and want to move, the risk of transporting these insects to the new home is very high. You should know that they are able to survive 8 months without feeding. It is therefore necessary to take some extraordinary precautions.

Use the Commercial Dryer Protocol

You can set up a commercial dryer protocol outside to hot dry all your clothes, because bed bugs and clothing in the sun do not rhyme. Subsequently, the latter are hermetically bagged so that no insects can infiltrate them. After that, they are safe and ready to be taken to the new home.

Apply the professional freezing protocol

This method can be used to get rid of your clothes as well as some appliances or items that cannot be washed. With this service, your belongings are quickly frozen at extremely low temperatures necessary for the destruction of insects.

For the treatment to be effective, a very low temperature is required that domestic freezers are not normally able to reach. After eliminating bedbug, you can store your belongings in your new apartment.

A hot room protocol

Generally, bed bugs lodge in futons, talkseats, mattresses, beds, etc. To ensure that there is no risk in carrying them, you can resort to a hot room protocol.

Implement a dry steam treatment protocol

Dry steam treatment is effective in instantly killing bedbugs at the time of cleaning the orifices and surfaces of furniture. The entire exterior and interior surfaces are therefore treated, which promotes the extermination offleas and those of critters.

In addition to these precautions, you need to hire a professional mover. The latter has the appropriate equipment for a move without a mattress chip, bed tick,or other insects. You should also make sure not to bring back bedbugs in your personal belongings.

To do this, change your clothes just before departure and put the soiled laundry in a tightly closed container. These outfits will be dried according to the protocol of drying clothes against bedbugs. You must inspect your shoes, clothes, etc., when you leave. Protect your shoes until you leave the premises.

Note that it is not practical to use insecticides for a bed bug infestation. Indeed, you will have trouble spraying the products directly on them since they are difficult to see. In addition, when an area is sprayed, they simply move to another room.

What to do if you move to an apartment filled with bedbugs without knowing it?

Most of the time, people integrate a new apartment before realizing that it is infested with bedbugs. If you find that your home is filled with pests, you should immediately notify your landlord. It is the latter who, with your collaboration, must take care of solving the problem.

To quickly know that your home has bedbugs, there are a few inexpensive and simple ways that can help you. Thus, you can use medical-grade and certified bedbug and chip proof covers to cover the box springs and mattresses of your new home. Not only do these envelopes protect against insects, but they also make it possible to quickly detect their presence.

Indeed, the covers provide an interesting contrast that is not found in the majority of mattresses. With the white color, you can detect in a jiffy the blood stains or dried feces that bed bugs leave on the mattresses in colors. In addition, blankets protect your mattress from small accidents and mites that cause respiratory or skin allergy problems.

Who to call to avoid bed bugs for a move to Quebec?

You should know that it is not recommended to treat bedbugs on your own. So if you suspect or know that you have a bed bug infestation, you should use the service of a good qualified and reputable pest management company. She has extensive experience with bed bugs as well as the necessary equipment to eliminate bed moth, outdoor bed bugs,or other insects.

For those who reside in the Quebec metropolis, an exterminator in Montreal is best placed to help you verify all the details. It is the ideal solution to exterminate bedbugs in this city and its surroundings.

All in all, to avoid bed bugs during a move, you must get rid of insects present in your old home, in your new apartment and on your clothes. Above all, use the services of a professional mover and an exterminator.

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