Moving is an operation that can sometimes be difficult to perform. It can even be expensive, if not impossible, especially if you find yourself with a disability. However, it is possible to successfully organize it well when you refer to some practical tips. Here are some simple solutions for you to implement to make your move as a disabled person.

Arrangements to move when you are disabled

To properly organize your move for the disabled, you must first update your status. For this, you must make sure to bring to the attention of almost everyone of your current situation. To get there, visit the Public Service website. Through it, you have the opportunity to make your status known to several public and private bodies for a change of address. This can be a new residence, a new mobile or landline phone number or an email address.

Similarly, you should seek to inform certain administrations, structures or services. This is mainly your:

  • complementary health;
  • National Service Centre (only if you are under 25 years of age);
  • gas, water, and electricity service;
  • bank;
  • insurance (home, auto, life insurance).

In addition to these organizations, you will notify your Internet provider, your telephone operator and your TV subscription service. To continue to fulfill your duty as a citizen during elections, you must also inform your new town hall. This will ensure that you are registered on the electoral lists. By putting these different tips into practice, you can be sure to achieve a less stressful residential move .

Financial assistance for moving for people with disabilities

To reduce moving costs for people with disabilities, several financial aids have been put in place. These are granted by specialized structures, by CAF or Action Logement.

Assistance with the relocation of MDPHs

This financial assistance is intended for people with disabilities who move to a residence adapted to their condition. Capped at €3,000 per decade, this subsidy can be used to finance 80% to 100% of the costs of deposit, rental of a moving vehicle, etc. To benefit from it, simply contact the MDPH antenna closest to your home.

Disability Compensation Benefit (PCH)

The PCH is a support that is reserved for people with disabilities under the age of 60. It can mainly be used to ensure the layout of the home you have just rented or the transport costs during the move. We would like to point out that this financial assistance is variable and is proportional to your income.

FIPHFP relocation assistance for civil servants

This funding from the FIPHFP is intended for civil servants with disabilities who are obliged to change their residence. This can occur in the case of job retention or career development. Be aware that the ceiling of the FIPHFP aid is 765 euros and only takes into account moving expenses.

In other words, it concerns the expenses related to the rental of the moving vehicle or the service of professional movers. Besides that, you can request this support only every three years. If you wish to enjoy it, you must provide the documents such as:

  • proof of RQTH eligibility;
  • proof of your status;
  • the employer’s certificate proving that the move is for professional reasons.

You must also provide a photocopy of the invoice for moving expenses as well as your employer’s RIB.

In addition, there are other moving aids that are intended for people with disabilities rather than those who are not. We are talking about the social housing allowance (ALS) of the CAF and the solidarity funds for housing (FSL). It is important that you first know about all this financial aid. This will allow you to check your eligibility and then apply for the funding that is adapted to your profile.

After that, you need to go to a professional mover. As such, déménagement Pause-Café has to its credit an indisputable experience in the field of disabled moving. With our well-seasoned team, you can benefit from the tailor-made services of our company to properly organize your move for the disabled. Do not hesitate to contact us! Whether it’s a residential, commercial, long-distance move or furniture assembly, we are the reference in Montreal.

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