A residential move is never an easy activity unless it is only a matter of transporting two or three suitcases. If, on the other hand, it is a question of moving an entire apartment or a whole house, the thing is extremely stressful. So when a person finds himself alone having to make his move, the task is even more trying. However, good preparation or organization greatly relieves all the activities to be performed. Our company, Déménagement Pause Café, shows you how to move on your own.

Notify the landlord very early

A lease of real estate is legal tender. Therefore, all its provisions must be strictly followed. One of them always deals with the tenant’s notice conditions. This notice period is often between 1 and 3 months. So, read your rental agreement and inform your landlord of your residential moving project. He will then have time to organize to find you a replacement.


Check if there are moving aids

If you are alone or pregnant, the public administration may have provided assistance for you to support you in your residential move. The same applies if you have young children. The assistance is usually in the form of a removal grant. In addition, there are companies that financially assist their employees during removals. Find out about these potential aids and apply for them.

Do not delay in doing the administrative procedures

At your current home, you certainly benefit from several services provided at home. Then you must consider terminating the various contracts relating to these services. You must terminate your internet access contract. As for the home telephone, his contract may include notice. This is why you must start the process of terminating it very early. Conversely, the same steps must be taken for the new dwelling. In order not to waste time and if possible, take over the contract of the tenant who preceded you. This will be limited to just a name transfer.

Inform your loved ones

It is obviously very complicated to move alone. When lifting certain boxes, objects or furniture, you could injure yourself if you do it alone. Don’t risk getting run over by a cupboard. So, contact your loved ones and inform them of your intention to move. Above all, let them know that you need their help. Depending on their availability, set a date when you will meet to pack the boxes. On moving day, if there are any available, they will come back to help you load the boxes into the utility.

Rent a van

Déménagement Pause Café advises its customers to rent a van at least 1 month before the scheduled date of the move. Taking this precaution is even more important when it comes to peak season. Before renting the van, you must have a realistic estimate of the volume of belongings to be transported to the next home. This will let you know what type of vehicle you will need.

As for the cost of renting this vehicle, it will probably be limited to the price of the move if you are the only one to do so. In other words, it’s the biggest expense you’ll ever make. To save more, prefer one-way rentals if you plan to make a single trip or a long-distance move.

Provide boxes

It will first be a question of asking around you if there are people who would be kind to give you one or more cards. Merchants near you are better suited to provide you with such containers. In case this option is not successful, buy moving boxes.

If you have travel suitcases, use them to “pack” some of your belongings. Anything that can contain objects without risk of deterioration must be converted into a moving box for the occasion. This will reduce the price of the move, as you will spend less to acquire new boxes.

Pack your bags

As soon as the boxes are available, they will have to be made 1 month in advance. It will be a question of starting very early to fill them with your different things. Starting early allows you to tidy up without stress, but especially so you don’t forget anything. This is the time to sort through by getting rid of unnecessary items for you. You can also sell them on platforms specializing in this type of transaction.

Don’t forget to indicate on each box (or other container converted into a moving box) what is there. This will make your life easier during your first days in your new residence.

After all these measures, it is necessary to find a professional mover. As such, our company, Déménagement Pause Café, is the one to contact.

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