If you live alone and in a small apartment, moving in 1 month is possible. If you live with the family, it will be complicated without the help of a professional. It will be necessary to complete certain formalities in advance and to organize yourself well so that the relocation takes place in the best conditions. However, if you want a quick and mess-free job, the best option is to use the services of an expert like Déménagement Pause-Café. Here are our tips to move in 30 days.

Obtain a termination of the lease in one month

In case you wish to move from a rental unit, you must first terminate your rental lease. However, to successfully move in 1 month, it is necessary to obtain a reduction in the notice period which is normally 3 months. And to obtain this termination, it is imperative to have a valid reason. Depending on the situation, if you find yourself involuntarily unemployed or return to work after a layoff, then the termination of the rental lease may be reduced to one month. It is also possible to benefit from it in the following cases:

  • the tenant resides in a furnished apartment;
  • social housing has been allocated to the occupant;
  • you are located in an area where demand is greater than the rental supply;
  • the tenant’s state of health requires a change of housing.

If you find yourself in one of these cases, you can leave the apartment within a month. Beforehand, it is necessary to inform the owner of the building or the real estate agency responsible for the rental. For this, the tenant must send a registered letter. After which it will be possible to leave the apartment after 30 days.

Be well organized before D-Day

When you decide to move on your own, it is important to organize yourself well. For this, we recommend that you effectively manage the time at your disposal so as not to be surprised. Truth be told, a month goes by very quickly, and if you don’t start packing the boxes and making important preparations very early, you’ll be taken aback. It is for this reason that Déménagement Pause-Café offers you its services for a move in a short time with an adapted budget.

However, if you prefer to move alone, then start by setting a date for relocation. Subsequently, it is necessary to provide a moving vehicle taking into account the number and size of the boxes as well as the furniture to be moved. As specialists in residential and commercial moving , we recommend the use of fairly strong packaging and protections adapted to the objects to be moved. As you progress through your organization, you must note the contents of the boxes to find you when they are stored in the new home.

Before D-Day, it is important to contact the energy suppliers so that they close the meters. For the transfer of your mail to your new address, you must contact the Post Office. It is also necessary to contact the municipal services to have a place to park the moving truck. We also recommend before any relocation that all devices be unplugged and that you have a good meal to stay in shape on D-Day.

Using a moving company

To move in 1 month, the best solution is to call on Déménagement Pause-Café. Based in Montreal, our relocation services include assembling furniture and moving objects such as a pool table or piano. Entrusting your move to our experts means freeing yourself from all stress. We have the necessary and adequate equipment to pack all types of objects. We intervene in chalets, studios and all kinds of residences.

Depending on the volume of travel and the budget at your disposal, the price of the proposed move will certainly suit your needs. We offer tailor-made services to allow each client to change apartments with confidence. For example, it is possible to request a service that includes only the moving truck, the driver and the equipment that goes with it. This will be convenient to benefit from a lower and fairer price. Reliable and cheap, we are a reference for any move to Montreal.

Moving in 1 month is possible if you organize yourself well and if you manage to reduce the termination of your rental lease to one month. If you want to free yourself from all the stress of relocating, the best choice is to contact our moving company.

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