Moving is always a stressful and delicate mission because it requires enough hassle. Among the complex tasks that exhaust, it is the package of the whole house that usually brings us the coup de grace. You have to sort it out, figure out what to pack and finally, how to pack them, this multitude of objects that you are facing for a single move.

For this purpose, you have a program to make a move and you lack ideas on the effective techniques to package your boxes well. Our company Déménagement Pause Café offers to accompany you in the accomplishment of this mission in order to lighten the task. In the meantime, here are some tips for you that can allow you to package your boxes efficiently.

Package prerequisites

Before proceeding with the package of the whole house, it is important to follow a few small steps before. These lead you in the first place to sort out your belongings. In fact, it is recommended to plan the storage of the effects in the boxes over several days. This allows you to classify cases according to their importance. For example, you can’t put away all your belongings, including the ones you plan to get rid of. So you have to sort useful products from useless items.

After this step, you need to know what to pack in the first or last position. This saves you from conditioning in advance, the elements that you probably need to use the days that will precede the day of the move itself. Finally, it is not recommended to move with clothes that you no longer use. Already, as this will eat up space when tidying up, it is better to donate your old jeans, t-shirt to an NGO to friends. When it comes to the clothes you always wear, it is advisable to preferwardrobe boxes. This choice will allow you to carry your dresses, as well as your suits-jacket.

What are the appropriate materials to pack your entire house?

For this purpose, there are several materials essential for an effective packaging of your containers.

First, you need packages. These on the other hand must be chosen carefully and especially according to each type of object to be packed.

Secondly, you need to have adhesive tape depending on the things to pack, as this tool will allow you to properly seal the boxes.

Thirdly, you will need the bubble wrap, a marker and a pair of chiselx. Bubble wrap is an effective material for containing and protecting fragile objects from shocks as well as scratches during transport. The marker allows you to label each package in order to quickly find yourself at the time of unpacking. The pair of scissors, on the other hand, is useful for packaging and for unpacking.

In fourth and last position you will need a few linens and a stretch film . Linens allow you to coat fragile objects. Stretch film is well indicated in the stabilization of boxes and furniture. It is also used to pack pallets.

Where can these materials be obtained?

You obviously have the possibility to obtain them in several places. If you wish to have new moving materials, you must refer to the stores specializing in the sale of boxes. You can also proceed to the purchase of these on the internet. This option is more convenient and faster. It also offers you materials that are easy to use and above all very effective.

For used moving materials, just ask your loved ones who have already moved once. You can also request crates at the local grocery store. This option offers you the opportunity to save on moving expenses.

Effective boxpacking techniques

To pack heavy objects,they must be placed at the bottom of the box and objects less above. Heavy and small things have to be packed in the small boxes. Materials such as figurines, glassware and ceramic objects are fragile items. When you want to pack these kinds of objects, you have to use a bubble wrap. To do this, once you put them in the bubble wrap, you need to fill the sides with wedging balls or shredded paper.

This allows not only the objects to move in the box, but also to cushion any shocks. You can stuff the large boxes in which you have stored lots of fragile objects with bedding, cushions, linens, etc.

However, when storing your products in containers, use tape to seal them along the entire length, from side to side. Then finish by sealing the top. After sealing, then proceed to thelabelling by writing on the box the nature of the object and the part in which it is intended.

In the end, plates and bowls need to be packed under several layers of paper. Just make sure to stuff them well on each side. You can place the bottles and glass jars in a sealed plastic bag after packing them well in a bubble film or paper.


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