Moving has never been an easy business. What’s more, moving fragile objects in the right comfort requires even more attention. It is a super delicate mission that should be taken special care of for valuables to avoid breaking them.

To do this, there are, of course, practical tricks and techniques to ensure the safety of these objects during the move. That’s exactly what the Moving Pause Cafécompany, which specializes in residential and commercial relocations in several cities across Canada, reveals.

Recognize a fragile object

To begin with, you need to determine which items are likely to be hit during the move.

The types of fragile objects

Generally, fragile objects outnumber other accessories in your home. As a result, they can end up anywhere in the house. Indeed, a fragile object is any home accessory that may quickly be damaged during the move if the appropriate measures are not taken.

These include:

  • Glass accessories;
  • Ceramics;
  • Porcelain.

To these are added the furniture more or less complex by their size:

  • The washing machine;
  • Television;
  • The lamps;
  • Household appliances.

Sorting objects

It would be unwise to put all the accessories in one package for example. The proper storage of objects cannot be done without the separation of small accessories from the largest size. So you have to put each piece of furniture in a given category. Don’t be singling over the number of boxes that the storage will take. By opting for few containers to put everything together you risk experiencing breakage along the way. The best is to make the lot of heavy pieces on one side and the lot of light objects apart.

For example, you can’t wrap a vase with a mirror. There is little chance that you will find your parts intact when unloaded. From then on, do a thorough storage.

Choose the right packaging

Here, it will be a matter of thinking about theappropriate packaging for each category of fragile furniture. There are several types of packaging to allow you to properly pack your items. Bubble wrap, newsprint, linen or clothing frequently used to protect accessories to carry.

You can also use wrapping tape, polystyrene,etc. It should be noted that these packages are only the first layer in which fragile objects are placed. The cardboard is used as a second layer to solidify the whole thing.

Packing according to the type of object

This is the crucial step in the process. As a result, this requires maximum attention and subtlety. Find out how to do the packaging well category by category.

Glass objects and plates

For these, it is advisable to use the newspapers. To get there, you can start by collecting them from your neighbours, friends or family for example. You can also invite them to help you with the move when the time comes.

Then, for each object in this case, it takes at least three newspaper sheets. Spread them out and place the glass on the sheets and wrap them around the glass. Finally fold these at each end to prevent it from slipping leaves. Don’t hesitate to increase the number of sheets if the object is more lord.

Large objects

For the protection of large objects, these include tables, appliances, you have to use sheets, curtains or even blankets. Indeed, it is important to cover them with a sheet or curtain. After which to prevent them from moving along the way, they must be immobilized with at least two rounds of plastic wrap.

This also prevents doors and drawers from opening on the way. You’ll find these plastic wraps in hardware stores. Or if you call on the best Montreal movers,they will provide you with appropriate covers for this type of item.

Special items

Here, it is essential to be very careful, otherwise you risk breaking everything before the objects are even moved. To do this, absolute delicacy is required. It will be a matter ofpacking the paintings and mirrors. First, place X-shaped tape on the surface of the mirror or painting. Second, check whether the strips adequately cover the centre and edges of the object. This helps cushion any shocks that may occur during the journey.

Finally, add the paintings and mirrors in a bubble wrap and blankets before putting them in a cardboard box.

The transport of objects

Before the objects are transported, however, it is necessary to ensure that all objects are properly enclosed in the boxes. It is advisable not to leave any space in the cardboard that will allow objects to move. In other words, it must be ensured that there is no space in the boxes. You have to fill all the empty spaces. And if you can’t, ask for the know-how of the moving company Broussard.

The cost of moving

There is no pre-established rule for determining the price of a move. However, to know how much a move costs on average,it is better to use experts in the field.

Whether it’s for a Montreal Quebec move or a South Shore move from Montreal,this company has the expertise to satisfy you.

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