How to meet your moving deadlines

You need to set realistic deadlines for moving tasks such as sorting and disposing, packing and cleaning before moving day. Then you have to try to keep them. This way, you’ll be fully prepared for your final moving day deadline compared to going half crazy with pressure if you procrastinate and wait until the last minute to try to prepare everything.

If people want to help you sort, clean and pack, make it a day of celebration by giving you plenty of hours to do it all. A Saturday or Sunday usually works better because people are away from work and have free time. Have cleaning products and packaging materials at your fingertips to avoid going to the store. This is a good time to use your old cleaning products so you don’t have to move them on the day of the move. Have refreshments to nibble on throughout the party, but don’t bring alcoholic beverages until everything is done.

Confirm well in advance the date and time of your move with all your moving staff. Plan an early breakfast at a nearby restaurant that you pay for on the day of your move. Here, in a pleasant, friendly and relaxed environment, you can relax, gather your thoughts and inform each person of potential problems, lift schedules and special needs such as last minute packing, handyman work, etc. before starting the moving task. Consider our 5 tips to make it easier to move in the middle of a pandemic

If possible, plan a second day to complete the move to your old home, as you may need more time to complete and clean up at one or the other. But if you have to move in a day, when you confirm their request for expected participation tha plan everyone to stay with you until the end.

Try to find more than enough people to get involved with you to help you with your move. Make it easy! On the day of the move, things will be done very quickly and easily if more than enough people help. And be aware that some people who are hired will not succeed on the day of the move for one reason or another, so with more than enough pre-committed people, you will end up with at least just enough when that happens.